The Helpers:
Nebraskans step forward in the pandemic

The World-Herald wants to know: Who is stepping forward to help?

This is what Nebraskans do. When flood waters rise, Nebraskans rise with one another to meet the challenge. When tornadoes rip apart what we have, Nebraskans pull together to rebuild what was lost. When a pandemic threatens our health, tests our hospitals, limits our contact, cancels schools, closes businesses, puts tens of thousands out of work, endangers our very sources of food and alters our every routine, well, we can be excused for taking some time to figure out what just hit us. But then as Nebraskans do, we step forward to help. In the weeks since the worldwide crisis hit home, Nebraskans have sewn face masks by the thousands for health care workers, fired up specialized printers, organized food distribution lines, assembled virtual classrooms, watched over seniors in need and delivered groceries to neighbors. The helpers are emerging, as they do in Nebraska. In this new occasional series, The World-Herald shines a light on The Helpers as beacons of hope through the pandemic. The title is a reflection of Mister Rogers' calming advice to children during times of catastrophe: Look for the helpers. It's advice his mother gave him: "If you look for the helpers, you'll know that there's hope." Take heart, Nebraska. Hope springs anew.

The helper